Makeup $75
​Hair $75

Engagement Photo
Makeup  $75

(lashes included)
Makeup and Hair $150

Bride Wedding Day Hair $150

Bridal Party Member (13 years and up) $75
Bridal Party Member 
(12 years and under) $25 - $45

​Blow out $45

Studio Photography & Production

Day Rate for Photographers (up to 8 hours) $500

Half Day Rate for Photographers (up to 4 hours) $250
Production Makeup 
(up to 8 hours) $600
Production Makeup 
(up to 4 hours) $300

Large Bridal Package 
(includes airbrushing/lashes, minimum of 4 applications + bride)
Bride Wedding Day Makeup  $150 

Bride Hair $150
Bridal Party Adult Makeup on Wedding Day Makeup  $75

Bridal Party Adult Hair on Wedding Day Makeup  $75


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Must Reads

• To secure a reservation a retainer fee of 100 dollars and a signed contract are required 
(Retainers are accepted only after a contract is complete)

• A 450 dollar minimum booking price is required for ALL Saturday's in peak season.

(This does not include the trial fee or travel fees)

• For large groups more than 8 people we suggest you add an additional makeup artist and/ or hair stylist. The rate is an additional flat fee of $100 to add another makeup artist or hair stylist. (This reduces the timeline significantly)
More than two artists is $50 fee per artist
(1 makeup artist and 1 hair person=no fee)
(2 makeup or 2 hair=$100 fee)
(2 makeup and 2 hair=$150 fee)

• ​Mileage cost is .55 per mile for drivers plus hourly. Additional Riders are hourly only. Hourly rate is based upon group size, location and date.

• We recommend a second artist for groups larger than 8 adults for a single service.

• Airbrushing or traditional makeup is included in all applications.

• Please arrive with clean dry hair. If you require a blow dry it must be arranged in advance and additional charges of $45 and up may apply.

• Travel Fees apply for locations outside of Louisville Metro.

• Timeline is established based upon number of services and ceremony time.

Makeup Lesson

(Limited weekend availability, minimum 7 persons per group)
Two Hour Private Lesson $150
Two Hour Group Lesson (per person) $45 

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Small Bridal Package 

(bride only or less than four people total)

Bride Wedding Day Makeup  $200
Bride Wedding Day Hair $200
Bride Only  Wedding Day Makeup & Hair $350
Bridal Party Adult Makeup on Wedding Day Makeup  $75
Bridal Party Adult Hair on Wedding Day Makeup  $75

Junior Bridesmaid

(12 years and under) 

Makeup $35 
(including complexion, blush, lip-gloss, and mascara)

Hair $25 - $45

Optional Services:

Makeup Touch up kit $75
Luxury lashes $35
Hair Extension Installation fee $30 per pack​

(hair extensions must be provided)

Airbrush Wedding Makeup in Louisville


Makeup $75

Hair $75

(trials are not available on Saturday)

Makeup $75

​Hair $75

Flower Girl

(10 years and under)
Hair $25-55