Airbrush Wedding Makeup in Louisville

Michaela Reeves

A Louisville area freelance makeup-artist with 8+ years experience in bridal, event, photo and film makeup. Michaela’s interest in the cosmetic industry started when she was 19 on a whim when she needed a job during college. Little did she know, it would turn in to a career she remains passionate and dedicated to. In her career, she was worked for Prescriptive’s and MAC Cosmetics and has done makeup for hundreds of weddings as well as work for Black Tent Productions, North American Hair Awards, Kathryn Allen Couture, Event 29, local media and has entertainment industry experience. She works with a wide range of products including but not limited to MAC, Chanel, Urban Decay and Makeup Forever as well as other professional makeup brands. She finds it very important to add to her collection as she sees fit for her client's needs.

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